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Despite the many years of development of blockchain technologies, they still remain partially separated from the real world. There are separate exchanges, separate wallets, separate currencies. Today you can not come to the store and buy goods for any cryptocurrency.

We want to solve this problem!

We will connect all elements of the blockchain technology with the real sector. We will create:

  • a coin and a wallet;
  • a stock exchange;
  • a network of exchange offices;
  • and an application to pay for goods and services with any currency that is on the exchange.

We will make cryptocurrency a convenient and popular way of payment that is available to everyone!

Global idea

This project will affect cryptocurrencies all over the world, making them a more convenient and popular payment method.

All devices

All project applications will work with all popular platforms and devices.

Smart Wallet

Wallet will be integrated with future stock exchange.

Excellent Support

Fast and competent user support. We are ready to solve any problems that relate to the project.

Motivated team

Our team is focused on the result. We are ready to overcome all difficulties on our way.


We have developed a strategy to promote the coin, as well as products and applications that will be produced in the process of project implementation.
Who We Are

Our partners

Advertising team
Experienced marketers
Professionals who know how to attract people in the cryptosphere. They will help make the BSA popular and attract users and investors to the new exchange.
Graviex, Crex24 and CryptoBridge
We are negotiating with the stock exchanges about the future listing
Developers Team
Programmers and technical specialists
Experts in IT-sphere, who were engaged in the development of other projects in the field of cryptobusiness


BasexCoin Features

45 000 000
Maximum Supply
2% (900000)
1 minute
Block Time Average

Make your first step

To make yourself independent

Latest News

Of our project

Listed to  Graviex

Now you can buy Basexcoins (BSA) on Graviex

Basexcoin on MNROI

Basexcoin will be listed on MNROI soon!
(masternode coin monitoring and stat service)

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